Podcast Production

With the rapid spread of smartphone speakers, bluetooth speakers, & personalized nature of the content someone consumes, Podcasting has begun to take the realm of multimedia by storm. They’ve taken the convenience of recorded material and merged that with the community driven and engaging aspects of radio. But the real potential that these auditory stories tell is the versatility of formats that creators are continuing to discover. From fictional dramas to the building and curating a sonic brand for your business, I pledge to not only provide the means to produce a podcast but to offer creative consultation towards your production.


Recording Engineer & Co-Producer

Employer & Curator:

Ishaq Sekalala of AMPRSND

Created For:

Tangaza Magazine

Production Location:

Remote Recording in Syracuse, New York

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Recording & Mixing Engineer, Editor


The First Cousins

Production Location:

88.3 WAER at Syracuse University

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Co-Recording, Co-Mixing, & Co-Producer


Towson University’s Dean of Fine Arts and Communications

Studio Location:

Towson University’s Media Center


2017 - 2018