An Audio-based, epic tale, that follows the trials and tribulations of Allan, as he traverses a fantasy, Tolkien-inspired world

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Begin your journey alongside Allan, a young, idealistic child of bastard descent. In a harsh world full of adventure, mystery, warfare, and grit, Allan will be forced to take action and in the face of fear and sorrow he will attempt to topple the way that society sees people of his social status. Will you join Allan on his perilous quest to forever change the world's paradigm?

Written, directed, and produced by: Lawson Cade

Mixed and edited by: Lawson Cade

Recording Engineers: Lawson Cade & Joshua Marshall

Cast (In order of voice heard)

NARRATOR - Lawson Cade

STABLE HAND - Sean Besecker

ALLAN - Lawson Cade

SAMPSON - Sam DeJesus

SAMPSON LACKY #1 - Sam DeJesus

SAMPSON LACKY #2 - Lawson Cade


MOTHER VILLAGER - Marisa Marquez

DULCISS - Keelia Keating

HOODED FIGURE #1 - Sean Besecker

HOODED FIGURE #2 - Casey Alexander Smith

Script Editor - Ashley Warfield

Story Consultants - Ashley Warfield, Hampton Cade, Drew Beyer, Joshua Marshall

Composers - Joshua Marshall & Dominic LaFrancesca

Tin whistle performed by - Matthew Twillman

Theme composed and performed by - Joshua Marshall

Literally everything else heard by - Dominic LaFrancesca

Special Thanks to...

Elsa Lankford

Adam Schwartz

Ashley Warfield

& Towson University's Electronic Media and Film Department.

For providing me with the support, incentive, guidance, and equipment to finally begin producing this dream project of mine!