About Me

I am an audio engineer and sound designer. I have worked in various realms of the audio industry. Some examples are recording and mixing music, providing sound design for podcasts, short films, and audio dramas, on-set field sound production, etc. I handle each project I am tasked with, whether it is to create something new or to help support and promote established media. I promise to see each task done with punctual proficiency. If you have not already, please feel free to explore my little corner of the internet and see -- excuse me -- hear what I mean. I am quite versatile and can work between operating a mixing console, working with digital audio workstations and recording the dialogue for film. So please, let my services be a dependable commodity for you. Thank you all for checking out and considering what I love to do.

I love my ears, and, more importantly, using my ears to create, recreate, and manipulate sounds for others to perceive. Did you know that out of the five senses, we are most sensitive to our sense of hearing? It takes between eight and ten milliseconds for us to receive and respond to sound. Pretty neat right? In fact, sound is able to cross over into other senses, such as a sense of touch. Lower-frequencies have a tendency to be experienced less as a sound, and more as a feeling. That’s the reason why people often use the expression, “I’m feeling it,” whenever someone is laying on some funky bass grooves. Anyway, I could go on-and-on about why I love this stuff; however, that would completely defeat the purpose of this website!

Now, let's listen together!